Kicking Facebook To The Curb

Today I did something wonderful, something that, on reflection should have been done years ago.

I kicked Facebook to the curb, where it belongs. I have no need for it anymore, and I’m guessing most people in the 20-30 year age bracket feel the same way. Or not. Anyway I have deleted my account and even though technically it’s not fully deleted, I no longer wish to update people with every inane event in my life. I don’t need validation from a bunch of people I rarely socialise with, if ever. The turning point for me was an article I read in the guardian recently about how Facebook recently stopped working for 19 minutes, both the website ans the mobile app. As usual you had the older people jumping on and poking fun at the younger generations’ reliance on Facebook, not realising that without the internet no one would be able to read their opinions and giggle slightly to themselves. Anyway back to Facebook. It was out for 19 minutes, and I didn’t even notice. I was busy doing other non-Facebook stuff; browsing Twitter and Google +, playing video games, eating, sleeping and stuff like that. It was at this moment it dawned on me how little use I have for Facebook anymore. It’s not that my life isn’t interesting, (at least I think it is fairly interesting for a 28-year-old guy desperately looking for work and playing video games) but I just don’t care about it anymore. You know you have out grown Facebook when that little thing pops up notifying you that it is someone’s birthday and you die a little inside. It’s not that you don’t like that person or anything like that, but it’s like it’s a chore, an obligation, to write that obligatory “happy birthday” on their wall, in which case they will like your comment, or reply “thanks” with a little smiley face. Next day, it’s someone else’s birthday and you go through it all again.

Recently I joined a group called Name, Shame and Praise Illawarra which was a page where you could well…you get the idea, post your opinion about various businesses in the area. I lasted about a week before I got sick of the drivel that people typed, it became nothing more than a troll page for people to insult each other.

It’s also those annoying photos that people put up of themselves on holidays, I get it you are having fun, how about actually going and enjoying your holiday instead of annoying me? And no, I don’t care how far you have gotten in Farmville, or some other idiotic game that is designed, to,well, not really do anything at all apart from give you a tiny little feeling of achievement until you realise no one else cares.

I think over the last month I have updated my status maybe 3 times, and it is always a chore to do so. Most of the time it’s these posts that gets shared to Facebook, and my mum, god bless her, always likes them. That is pretty much the extent of my Facebook interaction these days, and now no more.

A little aside, but on my way up to see my beloved Dragons get thumped 36-0 by the Eels a few weeks ago, there were these three people on the train near me, talking about some drama on Facebook, you know how it goes right? Oh he said this and she said that, and the baby isn’t his, and he said he is gunna smash someone and he was drunk and blah blah blah..I don’t care. What made it worse was two of the women were in their forties, acting like twelve-year olds living vicariously through Facebook, get a life.

So long Facebook, you won’t be missed



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